3 Pack Coloring eBooks

Almost every major news outlet is reporting about the adult coloring phenomenon. What once was an activity that kept so many of us entertained as children, is now resurfacing as a trend adults are coming to love. Therapeutic elements parents sought to keep their children calm or entertained before dinner, are now being applied to adults, to help distract them from the daily pressures of life.

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Coloring together helps bring families closer together. It’s a calming, relaxing and quiet activity done with people you love—what’s not to like? If you’re coloring the same page, you’re working as a team. You choose which colors to use and who will color where.

Even if you’re coloring in separate books, coloring provides a sense of common purpose. A coloring session is a great time to talk about the day, share stories, or just have a cozy parent-child snuggle. The relaxing nature of the activity makes coloring an ideal pre-bedtime ritual as well.

“Fun and Relaxing Adult Coloring Book” contains so many mandalas and patterns to color that they will keep you busy and relaxed for months and or possibly years. Each pattern can be printed over and over to your heart’s content so you can create multiple masterpieces just from one drawing alone.

“Patriotic Coloring Book for Kids” provides kids and adults alike with loads of fun and excitement when coloring. The images provided represent some of the best symbols and monuments of this great Nation of the USA! Yes, you can teach kids to be proud of who they are and have lots of fun time together at the same time!

Let’s not forget who we are deep down. We are all children of God! In this Coloring eBook, it contains almost 50 pages of coloring contents that range from the Good Shepherd to Christianity Symbolism to Inspirational Quotes. You can color with your family members and be reminded of the virtues from the Bible. Use this opportunity to enjoy time together as a family and be closer to God.