Jesus painting survives church fire unscathed – CNA Blog



Religious articles seem to have an uncanny knack for surviving natural disasters.

While an “inferno” burnt down an 1800’s-era Baptist church in Wakefield, Mass., one thing survived basically unscathed – a large painting of Jesus Christ.

“I’m personally taking it as a sign and a reminder that the Jesus, the Christ that we serve is still alive and even though our church building is gone our church is here and the God we serve is still here,” Maria Kakalowski, a parishioner of the church, told Boston 25 News.

The 150 year-old church is believed to have caught fire in a lightning storm on Oct. 23.

Last year, two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary were some of the only things to survive a house fire caused by Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This July, two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary survived a fire at Our Lady of Angels Regional School in Morton, Pa. – one of them had already been through a previous fire.


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