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We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality products possible. Each product goes through rigorous inspection before it is approved for shipping.


Fast Shipping
We Make sure your package is sent out right away within 24-48 hours. Each package is sent with a tracking number so you can check your orders at all times.


Lowest Prices
We love to pass on the lowest prices to our customers, it makes us happy as well as our customers. It’s a win-win scenario for all.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
We’re only satisfied if our customers are satisfied, that’s why we offer great customer service to make sure that our customer’s need are met.


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We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. That means you can shop with confidence!


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About us

Words of Divinity. Where Art Meets Divine Inspiration

Inspirational Purpose

Serving God

At Words of Divinity, we strive to be find beauty in our faith, through the wisdom of our faith we can find solace, direction and most importantly our real purpose in life, which is to serve the Lord. We believe that art can be very inspirational, especially if it helps leading us closer to God.

Words of Divinity Gold Foil Artworks
Journey of Faith

Faith-filled mission

We want to help you immerse yourself in your faith, and we are here to provide beautify works of sacred art and other products to help you in your journey of faith.

A Privilege to Serve You

Ministry of Love and Peace

We are thrilled to have been given this great and privileged opportunity, but we also understand the responsibility that it entails. We love be a ministry, with the ultimate goal of making the world a more kind, loving and peaceful world for all of God’s creation.

kindness helping

A family owned and operated business

Our company is guided by the highest quality, exceptional service and unrivaled integrity.

Assured Quality

We make genuine handmade products that are made with the best material and highest of quality inspection.

Great Prices

Because we make our products and offer them directly to you. You are sure to get the best prices while maintaining the highest quality.

Fast Shipping

We usually ship next business day and provide tracking on every order so you have complete knowledge of where your order is at anytime.

Customer Service

Having great products is not good enough. We feel that our customers deserve the highest quality service and 100% satisfaction on every order.