December 2019

St. Peter Canisius

[ad_1] December 21, 2019 Born: 1521Birthplace: HollandDied: 1597Canonized: 1925, by Pope Pius XI Peter Canisius, a great saint and Doctor of the Church, once said: “The fear of many people is greater than necessary, because they look for human and not for divine help; they act in despair instead of praying with holy confidence for the oppressed Church.” His younger self did not often demonstrate the kind of humility expressed… Read More »St. Peter Canisius

Christ’s Imminent Arrival — Integrated Catholic Life™

[ad_1] “The Annunciation” (detail) by Federico Barocci [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons “If the Incarnation doesn’t bewilder you, you’re not thinking about it enough.” The readings at Mass today explode with anticipation. We have waited patiently during these weeks. Throughout Advent, the daily Mass readings have highlighted various prophecies. They have spoken about the coming of John the Baptist. We have heard about the mountains being made low and feasts… Read More »Christ’s Imminent Arrival — Integrated Catholic Life™

Reflection 353: A Hymn of Glory

[ad_1] Music is a discovery and expression of the natural laws of God’s creation, relying upon the order and rhythm found in its natural design.  Some music uses the natural order of things to glorify earthly realities.  Some forms of music even express sin and disorder.  But the greatest form of music is that which beautifully and clearly articulates the high order, harmony and symmetry of the life of God. … Read More »Reflection 353: A Hymn of Glory

Sunday Soundbite for December 22, 2019

[ad_1] Cycle A December 22, 2019     A former Franciscan missionary in the Philippines once told me that when he traveled from mission to mission the people would not allow him to travel alone. They would ask, “Who is your companion?” Filipino culture, my friend said, is very relational—it values people being together, doing things together—even something as simple as traveling from place to place. American culture on… Read More »Sunday Soundbite for December 22, 2019

Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent

[ad_1] It is quite amazing that we can actually trace the roots of Jesus Christ for fourteen generations. Why, we have difficulty in our family tree even just up to the fifth generation. The historical genealogy of Jesus Christ under judges, kings, high priests and priests has been on track despite all the changes of government and sins of man. This can highlight one important fact: that God is faithful… Read More »Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent

Here is Your God — Integrated Catholic Life™

[ad_1] Saint John The Baptist Preaching In The Wilderness by (detail) Anton Raphael Mengs [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Dr. Scott Hahn reflects on the Mass readings for the Third Sunday of Advent (Year A) Readings:Isaiah 35:1–6, 10Psalm 146:6–10James 5:7–10Matthew 11:2–11 John questions Jesus from prison in today’s Gospel—for his disciples’ sake and for ours. He knows that Jesus is doing “the works of the Messiah,” foretold in today’s First Reading… Read More »Here is Your God — Integrated Catholic Life™

Reflection 349: Losing Your Peace of Heart

[ad_1] What is it that has the power to steal away the peace and calm of your heart?  What if you were insulted, ridiculed, falsely judged, imprisoned, beaten or even killed?  Would any of these rob the peace of God in your heart?  Only if you let it.  It is essential that you know and believe with firm faith that nothing can steal the peace of your heart unless you… Read More »Reflection 349: Losing Your Peace of Heart

Sharing the Word for December 14, 2019

[ad_1] December 14, 2019 Daily Reading from the USCCB: Sirach 48:1-4, 9-11   In the Gospel reading for today Jesus is speaking to His apostles about Elijah, who was expected to return to prepare the way for the Messiah. In our Old Testament reading we hear the wise man Sirach giving an overview of Elijah’s accomplishments. God sends spokesmen to proclaim His message to His people: strong, brave, assertive… Read More »Sharing the Word for December 14, 2019

Our Gaudete Joy in the Gospel

[ad_1] This Sunday, we celebrate Gaudete (Rejoice!) Sunday. Our Gospel gives us John the Baptist in prison as our meditation. Isn’t that a bit downbeat? Gospel (Read Mt 11:2-11) St. Matthew tells us that John the Baptist “heard in prison of the works of the Christ” in Galilee, undoubtedly from his own disciples. He sent those disciples to Jesus with a question: Are You the One Who is to come,… Read More »Our Gaudete Joy in the Gospel

Watching and Waiting — Advent in Carmel — Integrated Catholic Life™

[ad_1] Advent in Carmel To experience Advent in Carmel is to enter into a rarified atmosphere that is filled to the brim with Carmel’s living legacy of Advent customs and observances. My first Advent in Carmel remains fresh in my memory today, still as vibrant and alive as when it happened. I feel at a loss, however, to write about it. What words can do justice to a wordless experience?… Read More »Watching and Waiting — Advent in Carmel — Integrated Catholic Life™