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In light of COVID-19, we now offer facemasks

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The Most Advanced Reusable Face Mask

Unlike other reusable masks on the market, our Premium Face Mask has a 4-Layer Construction with 2 Built-in Filters that are sandwiched in between the water droplet resistant outer and super soft water retainer inner fabric layers. 

The outer layer is constructed using high-end water resistant fabric while the filters are made of premium nano copper-silver material and a needle punch cloud layer which provide superior protection yet comfortably breathable. Advanced fabrics are superior in filtration and anti-water droplet properties. 

Beyond the materials, our design is proprietary and superior to most reusable masks out there. You’ll be able to talk and breath much more easily because of the way we design the 3-d formed contour around your nose and mouth. Thousands of customers report that they can wear our Premium Face Mask for hours comfortably, even during the hottest days of summer. 

Our Premium Face Masks are fully washable and reusable, so no more buying hundreds of disposable masks or individual filters! Order our Premium Masks for you, your family members and loved ones today!